Communication Strategies for Scientists and Engineers
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Tailored training in scientific and technical writing, presentations, and team building for laboratories and technical organizations

Scientific and technical writing courses

Writing by Design™ Process and Toolkit

Become a document architect and learn how to . . .

Write better documents in less time™.
Get to the point with the Pyramid Paradigm™.
Banish writer's block!

The Writing by Design™series is based on an easy-to-learn approach to structured writing. You will learn how to use the Pyramid Paradigm™ to get to the point and reach all your readers with one document. And you will learn how to make your documents look better with Visible Structure™ techniques.

Learn how to . . .
  • Master the Architecture of Professional Documents™.
  • Get to the point with any document, no matter how complex or how long.
  • Create a writing plan that will save you time!
  • Design one document that meets the needs of all your readers.
  • Generate and assemble even complex documents efficiently.
  • Organize any document quickly.
  • Apply Visible Structure™ techniques for quick formatting and easier reading.


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