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Communication Strategies for Scientists and Engineers
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Tailored training in scientific and technical writing, presentations, and team building for laboratories and technical organizations

Scientific and technical writing courses

Choose your technical writing program

Which course is right for you?

Choose from 4 distinct writing programs. The Writing by Design™ series comprises Scientific and Technical Reports; Instruction Documents; and Business Documents. To any of these, add Good Grammar, Good Style™ — or take it on its own! All courses can be tailored for your organization.

The table below displays the features of our technical writing programs: the documents they cover; their training formats; their intended learners; and the length of each course. Click a course title for a detailed description of the training.

Training formats
Learners Course length

Formal reports, test reports, field reports, laboratory reports, audits, failure analyses, evaluations, plans, proposals, conference papers, dissertations, journal articles

1. Tailored, on-site, classroom delivery for 8-12 participants

2. Tailored distance learning program for intact groups

3. Instructor-led distance learning program for individuals

4. Self-paced distance learning program for individuals

distance learning options  Information on distance learning options

Scientists, engineers, technicians, other specialists, technical writers and editors

Classroom training: 2 or 3 full days

Distance learning programs: 8-16 weeks, depending class size and learning objectives


Policies, procedures, user documentation, product documentation, training manuals, instruction, regulations, guides

Tailored, on-site, classroom delivery for 8-12 participants Subject matter experts, performance technologists, technical writers and editors Two or 3 full days

Email, memos, and other correspondence; short information documents, summaries; informal reports, such as status, periodic, meeting, sales, and travel reports

Tailored, on-site, classroom delivery for 8-12 participants

Scientists, engineers, technicians, other professionals

Two full days

All scientific, technical, instruction, and business documents

Tailored, on-site, classroom delivery for 8-15 participants

Any professional who writes or edits

One or 2 full days



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