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PowerEditing™: Rapid revision for busy writers

Course summary

Busy professionals often lack the time to revise all their documents to literary standards of perfection. Despite that reality, they still want to convey their message and look professional. Help is here.

Whether you have 5 hours or 5 minutes to revise your document, using the PowerEditing™ process will improve your documents and reduce the stress of editing.

PowerEditing’s solutions respect the realities of too little time and too many documents. You’ll learn how to spot and correct the most frequent problems in grammar and style. You will also learn what revisions bring the greatest benefit to your readers.


By the end of this training, participants can

  • Choose the right level of edit, so time is spent where it counts and not where it doesn't.
  • Get help from power tools to improve editing efficiency.
  • Work quicker and smarter with a proven process for editing.
  • Revise sentences for clarity and power.
  • Correct errors in usage and punctuation.
  • Use style sheets and authorities to ensure a consistent approach to revision.

Who should attend

All professionals who must edit their own or other people’s writing.

How you will learn

This hands-on workshop features presentation and extensive individual and small-group exercises. Apply what you learn to your own documents!

Course length

One or 2 days

What materials do I get?

You will receive a copy of PowerEditing™: Rapid Revision for Busy Writers, a separate training workbook, and other materials—plus many extras at the course's Web site.

Who teaches the class?

Your instructor will be an engaging, highly rated teacher, with an advanced degree and many years' professional experience as a technical writer.


The PowerEditing™ process • Use power tools • Strengthen the structure • Format for reading • Revise for clarity • Write for your readers • Shorten long sentences • Edit passives • Get rid of “acronyms” • Unsnarl tangles • Edit for correctness • Understand standards • Choose the right word • Correct pronoun problems • Make verbs agree • Spot words confused and misused • Check the spelling • Punctuate for meaning • See the whole • Proofread •



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