Tailored training in scientific and technical writing, presentations, and team building for laboratories and technical organizations




Read what our participants have to say:

"Terrific class!"

"Anybody who writes would benefit from this course. Valuable, useful information."

"As a member of the lab's leadership program, I have taken well over 100 courses to date. I never imagined that a writing course would rank so high on my list of favorites."

"The Pyramid Paradigm™ and the summary templates are great resources!"

"Your principle- and process-centered approach was extremely effective."

"I enjoyed the class incalculably!"

"One of the best classes I have attended."

"Provides a new look at an old task. It is a better and simpler approach to major report writing."

"The workbook was very helpful during class. It will also be an invaluable aid to me in the months and years to come."

"The instructor was exceptional!"


Writing by Design™:
Scientific and Technical Reports

Course summary

Master the Architecture of Professional Documents™ with this easy-to-learn approach to structured writing.

Learn how to explain the significance of your research to business-oriented managers, while preserving the integrity of the data for your peers.

Checklists, templates, and other aids help you focus on your content, so you can prepare better reports in less time.

Who should take the course?

Scientists, Engineers, Technical Communicators, Project Leaders, and Writing Teams—anyone who writes, edits, or contributes to documents such as these:

formal reports, test reports, field reports, audits, Laboratory Reports, Failure Analyses, evaluations, plans, proposals, conference papers, Dissertations, journal articles

What will I learn?

You will learn how to

  • Cut your writing time in half—and banish writer's block!
  • Use the Pyramid Paradigm™ to reach all of your readers with one document.
  • Get to the point with summaries and abstracts.
  • Communicate mathematics and technical information clearly.


  • Manage writing teams and logistics for major documents.
  • Manage all phases of the writing process, including management reviews.


  • Make your reports look better with Visible Structure™ techniques.
  • Create effective graphics, including presentation slides.
  • Prepare technical presentations that engage your audience and sell your ideas.

How will I learn?

This hands-on workshop features presentation, discussion, individual and small-group exercises. You'll apply what you learn to your own documents.

How long does the training last?

The on-site, classroom course lasts 2 or 3 full days, depending on your needs.

What materials do I get?

You will receive a substantial training manual and other materials—plus many extras at the course's Web site.

Who teaches the class?

Your instructor will be an engaging, highly rated teacher, with an advanced degree and many years' professional experience as a technical writer.


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