Communication Strategies for Scientists and Engineers
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Tailored training in technical writing, presentations, and team building for laboratories and technical organizations

Clients and Raves

Since 1980, we have conducted tailored in-house and distance learning programs for many prestigious organizations, including Sandia National Laboratories, Los Alamos National Laboratory, the National Institutes of Health, the National Wildlife Laboratory, the US Department of Agriculture, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, the Office of Technology Assessment, the US Department of Energy, General Electric Company, Intel Corporation, Cigna, Celera Diagnostics, CPS Innovations, and CTI Molecular Imaging (Siemens). Our clients also include state government agencies, public utilities, and educational institutions, as well as individuals from many backgrounds.

A sampling of participant comments

Writing Workshops
Writing by Design™
"The Pyramid Paradigm™ and the summary templates are great resources!"
"Excellent and truly useful course!"
"Really great course — one of the few I will actually use. The course will save me lots of time; I just wish I'd taken it earlier."
"Love the Pyramid! The templates and patterns will save me lots of time!"
"I feel better equipped to tackle future writing assignments, and I am much more confident that I can get the message to my reader."
"I learned more in 2 days of this class than I have in semester-long college writing classes."
"Anybody who writes would benefit from this course. Valuable, useful information."
"One of the most useful courses I have taken . . .. The instructor was exceptional!"
"The workbook was very helpful during class and will also be an invaluable aid to me in the months and years to come. Terrific class!"

Good Grammar, Good Style™
"I would highly recommend this course. The ideas were presented clearly, concisely, and with good humor."
"Thank you very much for the outstanding class. I have been taking [other] writing courses, and the instructors of those courses should take yours."
"A wonderful overview. Everyone who writes and has been away from school needs this refresher."
"I really enjoyed the class. I take a lot of pride in how I write, so this really helps build confidence."

Team-Building Sessions
"Great stuff! Enjoyed opportunity to work on concrete problems."
"We've needed this retreat for a long time. It's good to feel focused and re-energized."
"There was "meat" to this session — useful specifics and time to discuss them."
"We've been applying what we learned in Communication and Community™, and guess what: It's working!"
"Thank you for our team building workshop. You will be happy to know that since the workshop the attendees are interacting more and sharing more of their research efforts. Also, we have incorporated your techniques in our research team's weekly meetings."

Presentations Training
"I feel much more confident and enthusiastic about this 'chore.' Thanks for a useful and enjoyable class."
"Valuable information and great exercises! The videotaping really helped."
"Excellent course! Lots of techniques and practice. Great section on graphics and 'PowerPoint' presentations."
"Our scientists' presentations were focused and carefully thought out. They got a lot of compliments for their new ways."

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