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Technical writing and communication

Scientists and engineers who have to write will find these articles and sites handy.


The Passive Engineer

How to Get Rid of Acronyms (PDF file)


http://www.techwr-l.com/techwhirl/index.php3.Techwhir-l, a "technical communication community," with blogs, FAQs, and useful downloads.

http://www.stc.org/. Society for Technical Communication, national site. Substantial and extensive publications, many of which its members can search and download for free at the site. Outstanding regional and national conferences.

Style guides

http://www.gpoaccess.gov/stylemanual/index.html. The latest version of the US Government Printing Office Style Manual is online, both as a set of PDF files and as a set of HTML files.

IEEE Computer Society Style Guide. The November 2009 edition of the IEEE Computer Society Style Guide, is a complement to primary reference guides, which it lists at this page.

http://grcpublishing.grc.nasa.gov/editing/vidoli.CFM. Although NASA's Guide to Writing Reports is naturally oriented toward its own agency, it has several tips that are useful for other writers as well.

http://grcpublishing.grc.nasa.gov/editing/WizardArchive.cfm. At the same NASA site, you will find the "Word Wizard Archive," a searchable list of problem words.

http://www.rand.org/services/pubsext/style_manual_ext/. The Rand Corporation publishes its excellent style manual online; you can download it as a PDF file.


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